Export data from Business Central to your Azure SQL database

Introducing the Ecodel Datawarehouse Connector App

Imagine having instant, effortless access to all your data, allowing you to create analyses and reports for better business management through Business Intelligence tools.

With the Ecodel Datawarehouse Connector app, you can easily export data from Business Central into your Azure SQL database and configure which tables to export. 

This will save you time and provide you with deeper insights.

Find the Ecodel Datawarehouse Connector on Microsoft AppSource and discover the benefits.

Get access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Data in your Azure SQL database

The Datawarehouse Connector App enables the precise action to export data from Business Central to your selected Azure SQL database. This tool specifically facilitates exporting tables and fields from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central database into an Azure SQL database of your choice. Thus giving you access to your Dynamics 365 Business Central data for either Business Intelligence purposes, integration purposes or any ETL-jobs needed for other datawarehouses or business applications. No APIs, no Synapse Pipelines, no AL-development or black-box data-remodeling needed. Just raw Business Central data directly into SQL tables.

A Job Queue Task manages incremental exports of all inserts, updates and deletes on a schedule set by you. Making sure that the Datawarehouse SQL database tables exactly match the same Business Central SQL database tables.

  • Maybe you want your data updated weekly, every night or once every 5 minutes.
  • Maybe you only need a few tables and fields or maybe you want more than 100 tables and 1000+ fields.

It is up to you how you want to set up your Datawarehouse, through selecting tables and fields in a simple and intuitive interface in Business Central.

The business data never leaves your tenant, as it is exported directly from your Business Central service, through a BLOB-storage in your tenant (that you control) to an Azure-SQL Database (also in your tenant and under your control). This way you control all access to data from the instant it leaves the Business Central database.

The Business Central Datawarehouse Connector App makes the setup of tables easy and manages the export-schedule for you. It checks the consistency of the Datawarehouse table data compared to your Business Central table data by using rowcounts and calculating checksums. A system table in your datawarehouse SQL database holds the most recent update timestamp and consistency checks for every Business Central table exported.


  • Export data from Business Central to your Azure SQL database — effortlessly and simply.
  • Access Business Central data in an SQL database
  • Simple and intuitive setup in Business Central
  • 100% control of business data (business data never leaves your tenant)
  • Metadata (table definitions and indexes) are maintained in the SQL database by the App
  • Incremental exports of all inserts, updates and deletes
  • 100k rows per minute throughput (at entry level Azure SQL production service-tiers)
  • Consistency checks after every export available both in Business Central and the Datawarehouse SQL database
  • You manage the datawarehouse size and load by deciding how many tables and fields are exported
  • Access your Business Central data for any ETL or datamodeling job needed

Supported Editions

The Business Central Datawarehouse Connector App supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

The app is available in all countries.

Supported Languages


Watch the technical demo of the Ecodel Datawarehouse Connector App right here. Find Pricing and written setup instructions here.

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